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Thank You Thursday

20 May

It’s been one of those weeks. So just a short and simple list today.

  • Thank you Jesus…for being all I need.
  • Thank you Thursday…you reminded me to always be thankful.

Thankful Thursday

13 May

  • Thank you babies…for sleeping in until 9:30am…it was amazing!

  • Thank you rain…someone needs to remember to water the tomato plant.

  • Thank you hubby…nothing better than my quiet time!

  • Thank you Little Missie…you can always make me laugh.

  • Thank you Peanut…nobody loves me like you do.

  • Thank you computer…somehow your battery is working again and I can carry you around the house!

  • Thank you mailman…you don’t know how much I love my fluffy mail!



ThankYou Thursday

6 May


Well the past week has been a ton of fun…we went up to Maine to see MrMan’s family! We had a great time(pics soon to come…)!! So I’ve got a lot to be thankful for this Thursday…

Thank you…for a family that loves us and our peanuts.

Thank you…for lobsters. You’re just so delicious!

Thank you…to Dunkin Donuts, your donuts are just so yummy that you made us go entirely off our diet all vacation long..

Thank you…to my kiddos, for toughing through a 12 hour drive and only a couple breakdowns.

Thank you…to MrMan’s work for being able to have so much time off.

Thank you…peanuts teeth for finally leaving him alone.

Thank you…Franklin Goose, we had a goosedropping waiting at our doorstep when we got home.

Thank you…to my hubby for dropping your phone in the bathtub near 6 months ago and the phone dying while on vacation. We both got new phones and a new provider out of it, yay!


Thank you…God…for Your provision!

Thank You Thursday

8 Apr


I’m thankful for the beautiful weather outside. I’ve been dying for waiting for spring to come! It’s so wonderful to have my windows open again! Ahh, fresh air!

I’m thankful for a hard working husband. Working overnight all week long…for us! He’s such a hard worker!

I’m thankful that peanut is finally growing out of his grumpy, clingy stage. I’m walking around the house, cleaning, blogging…in peace again! Oooh, happy babies! Nothing better!

I’m thankful to be a stayathome momma. Maybe if I wasn’t, Peanuts first word wouldn’t have been “mama”. It may have been…”doris” or “no”. the horror!


what are you thankful for today?