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Oregon Vacation Pictures

3 Sep

A couple weeks ago we headed across the country to visit family in Oregon. Flight wasn’t too bad! We were definitely glad to have purchased a seat for Little Missie. The extra room was so nice!

We spent our first day waking up too early to go crabbing. It was a blast! Grandma stayed home with the kiddos while we all went on the boats. Between the 9 of us crabbers(is that the right term??) we walked away with 90 large, male crabs! Boy, did we have a feast! Heres the pics from that day!

The next few days were pretty eventful, too. We spent a morning(an early morning, mind you) fishing off the beach. It was another successful day but it was also really cold and breezy…not to mention really wet! Then we spent another morning…up bright and early again…strolling up and down a gorgeous river hoping to catch a salmon. I guess these babies are usually about 30-40lbs…but after 5 hours, all we caught was seaweed. So we gave up and spent the afternoon at the lake.

Before we left the left coast, we made a stop to MrMan’s Aunt and Uncle. The kids were pooped from a long week so we didn’t get stay as long as we’d hoped, but it was great seeing family!

and then home we went!

We were so happy to be back on the east coast! Although, we came home to some broken luggage and a dead car battery, we made it home! Though, we already miss everyone…


Summer Days…

31 Jul

Oh summer…it took so long for you to get here and I feel like you’ll be leaving too soon!


We’ve had some thunderstorms lately. So we’ve been trying to squeeze in some outdoor time for the kiddos. Especially since peanut is walking now, its so much easier to relax at the park! We went to the playground on the property yesterday and the kids loved it. Well, at least Little Missie did. She played all around while her little brother walked a bit, crawled a bit, climbed a bit and ate dirt a lot.

While LittleMissie was playing I noticed there was a giant moth on the playplace. She was completely interested until she “accidentally” touched it. What can I say, shes her mothers daughter….


After the farmers market today we stopped at another park. It was getting pretty toasty outside and thought the kiddos would have some fun! Little Missie, like always, made some friends and played for a looong time. I’m pretty sure the older kid was playing pirates…as if she even knew what that was…lol. Then at the park they also have this little water area. Unfortunately…we didn’t bring and suits. Oh well, they still loved it!


What a Farnsworth…

Inspired Me Monday

26 Jul

Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow,

but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow.

So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep!

 I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep.

– Ruth Hamilton


*sigh* The day is done! The house isn’t as clean as it could be. Theres dishes in the sink, laundry to be folded and diapers to be cleaned. MrMan is still at work and the kids are fast asleep. Quiet, how I miss you! Naptimes are few and far between, these days. Little Missie occasionally takes her nap…but then I regret it when she is awake until 11pm and wakes up at 7am. Peanut is transitioning from two naps to one…and that is always hard. It’s a good month of just plain grumpiness. And poor peanut, he has had a really rough week.

First he opened the drawer underneath the oven and burnt his two little fingers. Boy, he didn’t like that. Then slipped and fell…three times during that days bath. Next day his sister pulled his toe(thanks MrMan for teaching her that!!) so hard that I really thought it was broken. But its not! Whew! Then he bit his lip, fell off the bed,  hit his head on the tv stand, got a diaper rash, found out he can’t drink cows milk and I’m pretty sure he’s cutting teeth. It is just a tough week for my little man. He’s definitely getting a little extra mommy time this week.!

Pictures have been slow lately. Time to start taking more! I guess it’s just be a lazy week. This is how we’ve all been feelin’ I guess…


Doesn’t she just look zonked?

Mama, why’d you have to say that?

16 Jul

Not even noon and I’ve had to wash the floors…twice. Give peanut a bath. Clean little girls room….twice. Spank a bottom. Pick up toys. Throw away make up. Pick up toys again.

Yeah, I know there are days like this. I get it. I do! But cooome on!

Started when little missie woke up at 5:45 this morning. She has been up and causing terror since then. Opened a box of small clothes and threw them around the room. Went potty on her floor. Bent and broke her window blinds. Flipped her mattress over. Toppled all her shelves. This was all before I woke up. Then got into my makeup…covered her and her brother in my last mascara. Went potty in the kitchen because she couldn’t find her stool for the potty. Filled up a dirty, old milk cup with water and poured it on her brothers head. Got back into the box of clothes I just picked up and emptied them all through her room while her brother was in the bath. Tore her newly made bed apart. Is currently in her room making loud noises. I’m almost afraid to see what is going on.

Why, oh why, doesn’t this kid take naps anymore?

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6