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Whirlwind of a Weekend

10 Aug

Whew! That weekend just flew by! Last Wednesday we had our third anniversary. Didn’t do anything to celebrate on that day but on Thursday we drove down to see some family and boot the kids for a few days. They didn’t mind so much, I think LittleMissie was glad to say goodbye! Now that I think about it, that was the first time peanut stayed away for an entire night. I sure missed them!

  Well that evening we drove back to town and got ready to enjoy a beautiful dinner at Savour. That was is gorgeous! Here’s a glimpse at what we enjoyed…

 My salmon patte and MrMan’s beef baguettes…

My chicken and prawns…it was SOO delicious!

MrMans veal dinner…

My coconut creme brulee…minus the big fortune cookie that had a beautiful necklace inside 🙂 MrMan got a Cup O’Silk with an edible coffee cup. They were both SO delicious!

      Then the next day we woke up early and headed to Paramounts Kings Dominion. We were surprised with warm weather in the morning. I believe it was about 98 degrees at 11AM. We enjoyed rides all morning and the waterpark during the afternoon and games in the evening. Playing games has to be one of MrMan’s favorite things to do. We spent a lot of time(and money!) playing games with nothing to show until fifteen minutes before the park closed. The worker gave MrMan a few tips and after only a few tries he walked away like this..

Sorry its so dark, it was really late!

    Once we left the park we talked to our family and found out that peanut had been crying all day and night! Because we were so far and it was so late at night already, we just went home. Woke up early and headed down to see them. Took peanut to the ER and found out he had a double ear infection!! Poor little guy! That was a first for our family…

    A big dose of meds later…he was already acting better. So we stayed the night, went to our old church and met old friends. Heres out to lunch with Little missies friend…

 Then we headed home and Little Missie met her new friend…


Happy Monday!

27 Jun

    Well…It’s Sunday now…soon to be Monday. MrMan is back to work tomorrow after a nice unvacation. We spent the last 4 days doing these we really did’t want to do, things we loved to do and spending time with people we love to be with. Saw Toy Story 3. Possibly, my new favorite movie. Sorry, BubbleBoy…you just got knocked down. Anywhoo…

Thank you readers. Thanks for making my daily reader count not be zero. And for you loving ‘one’ person that read my blog yesterday, you rock. Thank you friends and thank you family.I kind of feel like it should be Thursday? I guess we can be thankful everyday. And today…

I am thankful.

“But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”

-Hebrews 3:13

Finally warm!

20 May

       Last few days were just…yuck. Rainy, cold, humid. This morning welcomed us with the nice, warm sun…and lasted all day long! I actually was able to open my windows all day again. Hooray! The kiddos got to do their favorite thing…

play on the porch!

Little Missies new favorite thing…”handstands”! This is about as far as she’ll go…but she thinks she is a gymnast, for sure!

   Peanuts favorite face…stinkie-eye!




Warm weather…I hope you’re here to stay!

Back on Track

7 May


We’re back from our vacation up north to visit MrMan’s family. Had a great time! Also…had a great time not dieting. Terrible! But, we’re back on track now. Spent yesterday cooking and prepping our meals…now we’re back to grilled chicken, raw carrots and broccoli. Oooh, donuts…ice cream…chicken nuggets, I’ll miss you!

so…whats in store for today? Thought I’d do some searching for some good deals. Keep posted! Also…in a few days, A Frugal Friend will be hosting a giveaway of one of my Mabelino Coupon Binders! Exciting!!