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Flashback Friday

4 Jun



     So this flashback friday I was thumbing through old photos and found myself looking at old wedding photos. In just two months, I’ll be married for 3 years! Might not seem long to you but…seems like we were just standing on the beach in Oregon with our friends and family. So here it is…


   So many memories in this one photo. With help of my mom, I made the most beautiful flower boxes. Three hours and a wedding later…we were at the reception and the flowers were dying! I didn’t think to water the grass boxes? You can’t really tell here but wow, those flowers could hardly stand!

  God was good and gave us some warmth from the sun while on the beach. It was August, people! Who would have thought it’d be COLD? It was warm on the beach but by the time we got to the reception at the park, it was cold(hence the jean jacket!)…and so windy that we had to place rocks on all the plates and napkins to keep things from flying away.

  We celebrated our toast with our family and friends and heard some wonderful speeches. About ready to take our drinks and new, darling hubby broke his glass. Not just any glass but my parents champagne glasses. Can you see the bottom of his glass still sitting on the table?

Without a doubt, I wouldn’t change a thing about my wedding day.


Flashback Friday

23 Apr

Well…ReapingWhatISow encouraged me to take a look through old photos I had on my computer…and this one brought back some good memories…


      MrMan and I were engaged…enjoyin life. We love fishing…love it. Went to Smith Mountain Lake several weekends to go fishing. My favorite kind of fishing too, right off the dock! Simple, relaxing…love it. Can you tell? I bet you can guess who caught the biggest fish that day!!