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Sew Simple…or was it?

12 Apr

        Soo…we’re heading up north(wayyy north) to see MrMan’s family in a couple weeks. I’m totally looking forward to it!! But..we decided it’d be the best idea to just drive up there… yuck! It’ll probably take about 12-13 hours to drive with just some minors stops. Then again,we have tack on another couple hours. Oh, and I want to make a few stops(to get some real buffalo wings, see where ace of cakes is made, and cake boss!) on the way back…that’ll be another few hours. Well anywhoo, I’ve been preparing mentally for a few weeks for this big trip. While I was looking through etsy(one of my favorite sites!) I saw these homemade car seat organizers. Super, duper cute! But…they were $75! Who the heck would pay $75 bucks(granted they were all natural/organic materials and totally amazing)!

    So then I decided…I can totally make my own carseat organizer for less than $75. So it begins… I went to Target and bought myself a $100 sewing machine…went to Joanns and bought myself $40 worth of fabric and materials(Enough to make peanut and little missie their own car seat organizers…and plenty of mistake room) and got started.

    After two hours of trying to figure out how to thread the machine, I got started. Two hours after that, I realized you can’t sew without puting the “foot” down on the material…or else it’ll get totally messed up. Two hours after that…I finished! I was pretty proud of my crooked lumpy stretched out torn car seat organizer.


     I’ve got plenty(and I mean plenty…) of material leftover to make Peanut his car seat organizer, too! That’ll be another day 😉

So being inspired, I decided to try something else. Since we started cloth diapering, I’ve learned so much! I also(on etsy!) saw this super cute bag called a wetbag for your dirty diapers while you’re out. Any material on the outside and a PUL material on the inside. So I thought, “I can make that!”…only one hour, too! lol, I know, I know. I’m still trying to figure this thing out! But I made two of them! Planning on making two more tonight!

I know they aren’t pretty…but I was proud of myself!