Oregon Vacation Pictures

3 Sep

A couple weeks ago we headed across the country to visit family in Oregon. Flight wasn’t too bad! We were definitely glad to have purchased a seat for Little Missie. The extra room was so nice!

We spent our first day waking up too early to go crabbing. It was a blast! Grandma stayed home with the kiddos while we all went on the boats. Between the 9 of us crabbers(is that the right term??) we walked away with 90 large, male crabs! Boy, did we have a feast! Heres the pics from that day!

The next few days were pretty eventful, too. We spent a morning(an early morning, mind you) fishing off the beach. It was another successful day but it was also really cold and breezy…not to mention really wet! Then we spent another morning…up bright and early again…strolling up and down a gorgeous river hoping to catch a salmon. I guess these babies are usually about 30-40lbs…but after 5 hours, all we caught was seaweed. So we gave up and spent the afternoon at the lake.

Before we left the left coast, we made a stop to MrMan’s Aunt and Uncle. The kids were pooped from a long week so we didn’t get stay as long as we’d hoped, but it was great seeing family!

and then home we went!

We were so happy to be back on the east coast! Although, we came home to some broken luggage and a dead car battery, we made it home! Though, we already miss everyone…


2 Responses to “Oregon Vacation Pictures”

  1. Uncle Gary and Aunt Andi September 22, 2010 at 12:35 am #

    Those kiddo’s of yours are so cute! What a time we had with them – and you guys! Andi says thanks for using the telephoto lens on her – so she could be way far away – and she said to tell you she loves the photo of Lilly and I (me too!). Come back soon!

  2. Rachel September 24, 2010 at 8:23 pm #

    Looks like ya;ll had a good time! Love the butt crack picture, haha!

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