Summer Days…

31 Jul

Oh summer…it took so long for you to get here and I feel like you’ll be leaving too soon!


We’ve had some thunderstorms lately. So we’ve been trying to squeeze in some outdoor time for the kiddos. Especially since peanut is walking now, its so much easier to relax at the park! We went to the playground on the property yesterday and the kids loved it. Well, at least Little Missie did. She played all around while her little brother walked a bit, crawled a bit, climbed a bit and ate dirt a lot.

While LittleMissie was playing I noticed there was a giant moth on the playplace. She was completely interested until she “accidentally” touched it. What can I say, shes her mothers daughter….


After the farmers market today we stopped at another park. It was getting pretty toasty outside and thought the kiddos would have some fun! Little Missie, like always, made some friends and played for a looong time. I’m pretty sure the older kid was playing pirates…as if she even knew what that was…lol. Then at the park they also have this little water area. Unfortunately…we didn’t bring and suits. Oh well, they still loved it!


What a Farnsworth…


One Response to “Summer Days…”

  1. Taggie July 31, 2010 at 6:25 pm #

    Those are AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing the summer memories!! Way to see Nolan walking!! : ) Can’t wait to spend some time with them next week! : D

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