Peanut Turns One!

10 Jul

     This past week went by like a whirlwind! Last Saturday, our in laws from Maine came. Celebrated America’s birthday on Sunday, then it was time for Little mans birthday on Monday! Some more family and friends came for our laid back swim party and bbq. It was a scorcher out there! Hot and muggy, for sure. At least in the high 90’s! Perfect day for swimming, to say the least.





After a couple hours in the sun…everyone was red and ready to eat! Enjoyed the air conditioning in the clubhouse…then headed back to our place down the hill for presents and cake. Yum!

That’s right. He ate the whole piece…and wanted more!

He’s such a big boy! So close to walking, we just have to build up that confidence! Soon, I’m sure. Loves to eat, probably as much as his sister. Lol, and she isn’t a bird either! I’d say his favorite things in life are the tv remote, his sippy cup and…his mom. Oh yeah, he loves me. And I have to say, I just love that little stinker, too.


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