Happy Belated Birthday, America

5 Jul

We enjoyed your birthday yesterday, America. Ate some good food, played games with family and watched fireworks.

     Took the kiddos with their grandma and grandpa F to the local park. After 30 minutes of driving around looking for parking, we loaded up and took a short hike. Thought we might just die from heat until the sun finally started to set. We were just one family in a crowd of hundreds. Funny thing was, no body had any idea where the fireworks would start. There were literally people looking in every direction! Of course, the viewing spot was covered in trees. So you had to be in the right spot to not miss the show. So we found ourselves on the edge of the park sitting in the middle of a baseball field. One minute after dark, the fireworks started. We kind of felt like we were in the front row of the movie theater and had the fireworks directly in front of us! Must have had the best seats in the…park!


  Sometimes, she thinks it really is…the end of the world.

   Kids weren’t all that interested. Lilli was a little spooked in the beginning and Nolan, nah. He didn’t care! They seemed more interested in the lightning bugs flying around! But it sure was beautiful. Here is a few pics,  just in case you stayed home this year!




Happy Birthday, America. We love you!


One Response to “Happy Belated Birthday, America”

  1. Taggie July 5, 2010 at 9:52 pm #

    WOW! Awesome!! LOVE the outfits Ruth! : ) Your awesome!! Good to see you all today! Thanks for a wonderful lunch/fellowship/cake! You did an awesome job!

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