2 Jun

Busy weekend…celebrated a birthday and memorial day. It was great! Little Missie got to see her aunt and uncle that we haven’t seen in many, many weeks! Really missed them!

Spent some time outside…enjoying each other! And Little Missie got to do her favorite thing…

Eat cake. Man..did that kid really want to eat some cake. She warmed up to strangers, did goofy ‘tricks’, pretty much anything she could think of to dig into that cake. Goofball…

By 4pm and no nap, Littleman was zonked. Couldn’t keep his eyes open! Luckily his big cousin was there to snuggle!

Then we enjoyed Memorial Day with our family again. Like the good ol’ times… Thought Little Missie was just pooped on Monday after sleeping in until 10AM(crazy, huh?)…but 4 hours and many tears later, found out she had a terrible sore throat. Poor little girlie. But today we’re on the mend…and she was awake more than 3 hours on and off today. Not sure if thats a good thing? 🙂


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  1. Taggie June 2, 2010 at 5:46 pm #

    Love the pictures! : ) We think it was great seeing you all too! Now….to find out the next time! Grace’s B-day, Nolan’s B-day??

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