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Little Worm

30 Jun



       So you may be wondering what that picture is….That’d be my fruit basket.

       After a week and many tomatos/avocados later…I could not understand why and how the bugs were eating holes through my produce! I started guessing the organic veggies from the store! Then one early morning I’m getting breakfast ready and I see this…

   So it seems I have a worm of my own! She’s been sticking her stubby little fingers in my produce!! Who knows when or how she discovered the slimey little mess she could create. I think it’s time to move the basket!!



OOohh, toddlers.


Happy Monday!

27 Jun

    Well…It’s Sunday now…soon to be Monday. MrMan is back to work tomorrow after a nice unvacation. We spent the last 4 days doing these we really did’t want to do, things we loved to do and spending time with people we love to be with. Saw Toy Story 3. Possibly, my new favorite movie. Sorry, BubbleBoy…you just got knocked down. Anywhoo…

Thank you readers. Thanks for making my daily reader count not be zero. And for you loving ‘one’ person that read my blog yesterday, you rock. Thank you friends and thank you family.I kind of feel like it should be Thursday? I guess we can be thankful everyday. And today…

I am thankful.

“But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”

-Hebrews 3:13

Fathers Day

21 Jun

        Well MrMan did have to work yesterday…but we spent the afternoon together. He loved his gift and card from the kiddos. Went to Cheesburgers In Paradise…yum!

         Took a little detour from the diet, but no biggie. This morning I checked and still lost weight, booyah! MrMan had a great evening because we all sat together and watched the rest of the golf game(yawn……). Think it was a great Fathers Day!

Bubbles and Lollipops

17 Jun

Another beautiful day. Spent an hour outside enjoying the breeze and the sunshine.




Had lots of fun outside. Playing together…enjoying grassy lollipops, chasing bubbles. Peanut was ready to snooze while little missie had a great time being independent and scoping out the area. Oh summer, I hope you’d never end!

Trying to climb the tree…

talking to dada…


look at that booty… :o)