Sunny Days

27 May

   We had beautiful weather today. Decided today was the day…Nolans first time in a swimming pool and Lillis first time..swimming!

  At first..she was totally scared. She kept yelling “hold you, hold you!” And by “you” she means “me”. lol… After 20minutes of slowly detaching her from my body, she started to kick her feet. Then move her arms. By the end of swimming, she would let us hold her tummy and she’d move her body! Even let me lay her on her back so she could float! It was a very successful first swim, for sure. Even Nolan loved swimming!

Eventually, she just wanted to climb up and down the steps. That was something she could control! That was ok, gave me some swim time!



  It was a great swim day. I’m sure…once these sun burns feel better…we’ll be back out again!


One Response to “Sunny Days”

  1. Taggie May 27, 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    Awwww! That is so COOL! I bet you just LOVE your pool! Looked like hardly anyone there, either!! NICE!

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