Mama’s Day

9 May

Well it’s mothers day today…I found myself thumbing through old photos!

     Here I am…7 months pregnant with Litltle Missie in a one bedroom, itty-bitty…teeny-weeny apartment. Still working at Cracker Barrel…I still remember those swollen ankles! MrMan was so good, footrubs almost everyday(oooh, early marriage. Those were the days!)

  Little Missies first morning in the hospital. Sweet, isn’t it?

Little Missie and Momma on our first Mothers Day together!

Little Missie on our second Mothers Day…rockin’ the pink!

Just a month later…MrMan caught a picture of me nesting for peanuts arrival in  just a week!

In the hospital with a one day old and a 15month old…I catch myself thinking…how did we survive??


 How I love my little stinkers.


One Response to “Mama’s Day”

  1. Taggie May 9, 2010 at 4:29 pm #

    OH!! I so remember! Thanks for taking us back! I LOVE YOU ALL! : ) Happy Mothers day!!!

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