23 Apr

      There is a fifth member of our family I’ve been keeping from here for some time. Thought it was time to introduce this loved member of our family….bear-bearz(were you thinking something else?)




      He’s traveled with us, everywhere we’ve gone. He’s been chewed, kissed, licked, had an eye plucked off, hugged, given baths(many, many baths), dropped in mud, dropped in toilets,  forgotten…don’t worry…we’ll never do that again! He’s a best friend, a great listener, a playmate, co-napper, jokester, and so much more… Oh bear-bearz…


…someone sure loves you!


One Response to “Bear-bearz”

  1. Taggie April 23, 2010 at 11:54 am #

    I remember when we gave her that bear!!! : ) Awww…we miss sweet Lili!! Remember when you almost left the bear here?? LOL!

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