Thank You Thursday

8 Apr


I’m thankful for the beautiful weather outside. I’ve been dying for waiting for spring to come! It’s so wonderful to have my windows open again! Ahh, fresh air!

I’m thankful for a hard working husband. Working overnight all week long…for us! He’s such a hard worker!

I’m thankful that peanut is finally growing out of his grumpy, clingy stage. I’m walking around the house, cleaning, blogging…in peace again! Oooh, happy babies! Nothing better!

I’m thankful to be a stayathome momma. Maybe if I wasn’t, Peanuts first word wouldn’t have been “mama”. It may have been…”doris” or “no”. the horror!


what are you thankful for today?


One Response to “Thank You Thursday”

  1. Taggie April 8, 2010 at 1:28 pm #

    I’m thankful for the promises of God! I am thankful that His Word is TRUE, and EVERLASTING, and LIFE changing!!

    I am thankful that He chose me, and that He has plans to prosper me, and that He will NEVER leave me or FORSAKE me….He is my Abba Father, and I am blessed!

    I am thankful for the Seasons, that when our lives seem like they are harsh as a Winters spell, to know that Spring is just around the bend!

    I am thankful that we can come to the thone in Jesus Name, and know that God hears us!

    I am thankful for all that God has blessed me with! They are NUMEROUS! : )

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