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Flashback Friday

23 Apr

Well…ReapingWhatISow encouraged me to take a look through old photos I had on my computer…and this one brought back some good memories…


      MrMan and I were engaged…enjoyin life. We love fishing…love it. Went to Smith Mountain Lake several weekends to go fishing. My favorite kind of fishing too, right off the dock! Simple, relaxing…love it. Can you tell? I bet you can guess who caught the biggest fish that day!!



23 Apr

      There is a fifth member of our family I’ve been keeping from here for some time. Thought it was time to introduce this loved member of our family….bear-bearz(were you thinking something else?)




      He’s traveled with us, everywhere we’ve gone. He’s been chewed, kissed, licked, had an eye plucked off, hugged, given baths(many, many baths), dropped in mud, dropped in toilets,  forgotten…don’t worry…we’ll never do that again! He’s a best friend, a great listener, a playmate, co-napper, jokester, and so much more… Oh bear-bearz…


…someone sure loves you!


21 Apr

Sunny Days

17 Apr

I just love spring. Kids can be outside…we can open windows…play at the park. Love it!! Remember the deal over at Franklin Goose a few weeks back? Well some freebies I ordered are starting to trickle in…

   We’ve received some gDiaper inserts and this awesome new Tricycle…as you can tell…she’s not all that interested yet. After figuring out that pushing the petals moves the trike, she took a little turn and landed on the ground. Anywhoo…lost interest quick! That’s ok…We’ll just put it away for another day! We just enjoyed the rest of our day outside…boy it was beautiful!




Spring. I love you