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Wow’d Me Wednesday

10 Mar


it’s naptime here…one of my favorite times of the day! I’m sure there are 100 different things I could be doing right now.But I decided, “Heck, I went jogging this morning! My tired legs need a rest! Lets spend some time reading random sites!” So I’ve been looking here and there and found some interesting webpages! Got a couple minutes like me? Check these out! Isn’t learning fun?

  • This site shows several different families from around the world; shows what they eat and how much it costs. I must say…very interesting to look at the quantity and quality of the foods and then look at the appearance of the people. Less junk = less chub!
  • I became a fan of Kelly Hayford and she put up this awesome Note that discusses all the possible names for MSG. It wa really eyeopening since I know I’ve read “all natural”(hah, that’s a joke!) products with the words “yeast extract” and not even thought twice about it. I’ll definitely remember these!
  • oooh, here’s another reason why I’ve started tossing things off our shelves that contain aspartame, erm should I say “AminoSweet”
  • This was pretty interesting. Sad to say that I was tricked into buying Mott’s “all natural” applesauce just to read the label after getting home and the ingredients are “Apples. High Fructose Corn Syrup. Water”…boooo 😦
  • I’ve read sites like this before. But it was a good refresher! Funny thing is that bananas is not on the list…and that is what I see people chose as organic over other foods…not as important people! Hello! Check it out to learn what foods are more likely to have chemicals if not organic…